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HSMAI's Certified Hospitality Marketing Executive (CHME) is a designation earned by those professionals who have effectively demonstrated the credibility, knowledge, expertise and confidence that has become increasingly necessary in today's fast-moving and ever-changing hospitality industry.

Being named a CHME is a prestigious honor that carries with it new opportunities and increased recognition. Not only will your leadership capabilities be more visible, but your ability to develop and execute highly successful marketing programs will be evident as well. A new level of respect and admiration from your peers will also arise as a result of your designation.

CHME is not attainable for everyone. There are specific requirements that must meet high standards in order to become a candidate for certification, beginning with three pre-examination requirements.

A study guide is available to CHME candidates as part of their enrollment package. The Guide will assist candidates in preparing for the CHME exam. In addition, it lists recommended publications and provides tips for writing the research paper.

HSMAI provides CHME study sessions where candidates come together to review marketing competencies that are included on the exam. Industry professionals who have earned their CHME teach the courses. Contact HSMAI for dates and locations of future study sessions.

Pre-Examination Requirements

The first pre-examination requirement is a summary of your professional experience. The second is a summary of your professional association service. The final requirement is a summary of your education, which should include your college background, as well as industry-related educational programs, seminars and conferences in which you have been involved.

To qualify as a candidate, you must be actively employed within the hospitality industry. This includes lodging, airlines, cruise lines, car rental companies, convention and visitors bureaus, and other related segments, such as vendors and suppliers.

Pre-examination also includes the assignment of points based on what experience, association service and education you have listed on the summaries that you complete. A total of 250 points is required, with a maximum of 125 points in each of the three summaries.


After the pre-examination, you must them complete two things: a written, proctored examination and an original research paper of no less than 2,500 words. The paper's subject must first be approved by a staff administrator from the HSMAI certification commission.

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